We Create Dreams 

After 15 years of helping those who have big goals reach their dreams we can’t imagine doing anything else. We are a small team who keep a small client list. This allows us to work closely with our clients. We have experience helping many types of businesses & creators. We have brought many brands into reality. .

Dustbunny Creative

is a Design Firm built with a focus on working with you

Branding is an essential part of any business, no matter the size. It is how customers recognize and remember a business, and it helps to create a unique identity and personality for a company. For small businesses, it is especially important as it can help them stand out from the competition. Building a strong brand can also help to boost customer loyalty and increase recognition of the business in the marketplace.

Why You Should Work with Us

Why You Should Work with Us

Our small client list is a testament to our commitment to crafting stellar branding experiences that leave a lasting impression.

A Marketing Budget

  • $300 Google Ads
  • $200 Yelp Business Ads
  • $100 Google Cloud

Stock Art

We pay special attention to making sure your brand looks, sounds, and feels exactly how best represents your, your business, and hpw to best maximum it's impact and reach. 


All Graphics we Design are 100% original & use absolutely no stock art. We Design using the Top Quality Applications such as Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.  We Design Logos, Business Cards, Fliers, Promotional Materials, Letter Heads. 

WEB DESIGN | WordPress & Thrive

All our Websites are WordPress Web Pages that are built using Thrive Themes for the ultimate Optimization

We use Motion Design, Sales Funnels, eCommerce Storefronts, as well as A/B Testing so you know what is working best with your Customers.

ILLUSTRATION | motion design

We do many styles of Illustration.

Hand Drawn or Vector Drawn. We can animate these for videos or as HTML 5 elements on. a web page.

That's who we are:

Dustbunny Creative

Dustbunny Creative is a project that we launched with the purpose of launching other Small Business/ Creative projects. We began in 2005 in Los Angeles to launch the dreams of those around us. The world is a better place when immersed in dreams.

Since our start we have done major design, motion, digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimization projects for Small Businesses of all types.

We operate from just outside of Boston with our main office in Lawrence MA. Our clients have spanned across the US: from Boston MA, to Austin TX, to Delray Beach FL, to Los Angeles CA.  

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