October 1, 2015

Over my fifteen years of web design I have decided that the best WordPress theme is Divi. This was shown to me by Kent Schmidt at debilzangallery.com who has recently partnered his own business with Dustbunny.

Here is why Divi is great

  • It has a wonderfully simple builder
  • The time it has taken for me build sites is 1/4 what I used to spend
  • It comes with a whole series of plugins
  • There is very little code required
  • Depending on intention it can match any, including an e-store, a music focused page, a portfolio site etc.
  • Even what little CSS you will need changing is very simple and done from the exact module effected
  • Neat effects such as secondary image on hover over original image
  • Beautiful full image background screens
  • Most customizing can be done with live previews
  • Comes with 20+ premade layouts
  • You can easily create and save your own layouts
  • Great with responsive design
  • Has built in hardline award winning security

This theme has revolutionized how I build my sites and I give it an A++ for the best theme i’ve EVER used.

I’m very excited to rebuild my own site with Divi. It’s going to launch a revolution.

Please, have a look yourself


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