I was on the 101 in Los Angeles, coincidentally, driving the Ave Of Cake crew back from the airport to the production office in Silver Lake. Some how I managed to get a dangerous driving ticket going 5 miles an hour. It was one of those days. Do you have those too? Oh god, I hope I’m not the only; – just stuck in traffic,  this endless dead traffic lane perfectly represnted by the horrid traffic jam on the 101. In the too pink sun set.

I was 2three?

Living in Los Angeles, A city, honestly, I believe is one of the most magical cities that’s ever existed through time. Out of any time, like ever. People will tell stories about LA long after anyone even remember New York. In a way its the true heart of the kingdom. All of America’a messages come  through our TV and all our TV comes right out of LA, then from LA spread all over America, then spread all over the world. What an enormous, beautiful, thought provoking idea. . Capitol city. The real power. These Things which are beautiful and which can’t be explained fully, it’s all possible out there on the west coast, it where America is still America. The preserve of the American Dream. Lights always seemed to glow different, always seemed blurry and soft, people, friends are always waving being goofballs all through the big rolling hills of Echo Park, and anything could happen, and the whole world was open! Wonderful Echo park!

SO, two things, you can see I’m going to ge loose with my grammar, and two you see I had all that. I loved the city I was living in. I loved my life. I loved my job. I loved where I lived. I was in love with a about 800 a women a time.

I get my name onto the credits of shows like Cities Of The Wonderworld, some other less savory one. Most of what were worrying it inspired me, to see a creative off run at this level, only in design. I knew i had to get out off tv. That why the last year there I was the webmaster.

But also I’ve seen business.

Business is one person pushing another towards a gaol of some sort of service of someone else’s agenda. On big Lvels a lot if is ego. I’ve seen that uo close and personal now. Everything always served some larger agenda. I’ve always Lois Angels is the ultimate totally build war machine if you want to act a creative endeavor. The infrastructure is all there. Heart of the kingdom baby.

I’d been lying if I said I had’t regretted it on more than one occasion.

It was really my first start into the design world. I know Flash like great, grew u with it as a kid, I made this game called ‘Requiem of Blood’ and two people would control them on key board and fight. SO.. anyway, Flash is like second nature for me so i pretty easily hoped into running Dustbunny Creative as a my own little web consulting for Authentictv.com —  an enormous site by the way, each part made by different developer, quite the fun box.

Once i realized I could Really run my own business I was relieved. It has always weighed so heavy on my heart the some shit heads bad morales make this world a worse place. I could pay to con people out of money in a phone room, but I’m not alive to take advantage of people and rob their money. So Morles..

Morales. It was a morals problem. So Much of how society is constructed is about pushing these certain negative aspects of morality which I just don’t believe in.

But here I am now, our baby firm with a baby smile on its face,  love you guyssitting in my sweet little room, with a wonderful photo of marilyn homecoming gif from my friend Sasra. We did actually have to kick in a window that night because we’d already unloaded all the furniture.

And I get to have moments like this where I feel like everywhere my mnd flows to think is all towards one special purpose. I’m not even sure they relate. That purpose is moving forward. This week is going to be about gaining new clients after several lessons learned from one bad client and one good client.


This is my wonderful room


Dustbunnny Marilyn
Dustbunnny Marilyn


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  • Hello there, I just wanted to say your arlcite if god exists and the reasons why we should believe in god was really fascinating, and the only reason why is because I waked a similar path to yours,I was an atheist aswell after years of believing in god and Jesus blindly, and then I was lucky I geuss ,my intelligence grew and I became really insightful in the whole matter of gods existence, and then I met a friend who had a similar mind to mine ,however the funny part was he was an atheist and I was worshiper so weeks and months went by with back and to forth arguments and debates about the whole matter.And he then introduced me to howkins and other atheists with strong theory and that’s when I first became an atheist.However after months went by and me and my friend Hasan just felt sorry for people’s hopes that were ilusional,but then I started to think differently I did not agree with science and their theory’s and so I begun creating mine which explained why atheists choose not to believe in god and why god can still exist when science explains the flaws of the bible and other religious books.

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