My name is Rob Tortora. I’ll be writing most of the Dustbunny Creative blogs still, however, we have finally been joined by a full-time partner. Kent Schmidt. He is wonderful. Not only does he bring with him a full on Partnership with Microsoft, but he fills in on Dustbunny Creative’s previous holes; i.e., IT, heavy PHP coding, and has tripled the rate we are able to finish work for clients!


Design Without Ego
Design Without Ego


As you can see the site is quite different as much as it is the same. We still have a few pages to work out; i.e. services page, a better named blog page, but most of all, what I’m excited about it we are attaching a little e-store where anyone can buy some of the art I make for real cheap.


We have  a new approach and that’s to experiment around with different ways to make sites stand out, when appropriate, and so I’ve been scouring the internet looking for cool toys which may help in that effect. I’ve learned Prezi and had high hopes for its use across the page until i found out that on mobiles Prezi needs a special app.


(print any size for $15, hand mailed, comes with hand thank you card)
$10 for print. Shipping not included.










There is still one Prezi project included under the graphics page. Prints of all those graphics are for sale, or even stickers. We are one and a half months in to partnership and are looking forward to new clients who can afford to sign deals which include half up front, we’ll even knock down the overall price if a 20% or higher deposit can be made upon the agreeing to use Dustbunny Creative for our services.

Most of all I’m excited about the store/gallery. Much of it will be cafe press, although certain things I will be hand making/ hand mailing / hand signing the card which will be in the package with it.

-Robert Tortora

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Dustbunny Creative

October 21 2015

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