Hello guys, so we made our long tail search into the Google Top 10 already.



Now that we can be sure we can hit up onto Google with a long tail search we are in good shape.

For all those who don’t know what a long tail search is let me explain. A long tail search is a search that is less likely for a searcher to make, but is easier to get a hit from and also is more likely that the searcher knows exactly what they want, so the odds of a searcher making the exact search is less  off a long tail, but the chance that any hit will be a client match is much higher.

We are going to keep aiming get into more SERPS (search engine results page) but this is a great start.

Next step with our site is to get our packages more inline and separate out the marketing packages from the developing packages.

Also we need to clean up the site but have fewer words in general. Raz from Mocajazz will be in on the assist for Dustbunny Creative site redesign so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for everyone who has been reading our seo and development blog. We got over 50 shares with our last one and I’m sure that’s what pushed us into the long tail SERP. Not bad, not bad. That was two weeks of attempt. A few more weeks and we are really hoping we break into more main stream SERPs. Stay tuned and keep reading!

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