August 4, 2015

How To Get To The Top Of Google

Whats The Big Deal With Reaching Google’s Top 10

This is obviously a topic which requires books, many of which are quite good, I would recommend The Art Of SEO, Content Strategy For The Web, and especially Evil By Design. These are just three of dozens of great books on the topic. While you’re at it you will want to pick up a copy of Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes (full disclosure: takes longer than 10 minutes). Also checklist books can be helpful towards the later stages of SEO building, books such as The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist Period!

But the truth is each search engine runs its own algorithms based off a very long list of items, each of which are worth varying amounts of points which are then tallied up by the search engine to then decide which site closest matches the users inquiry.

Some factors include:

  • Length of time a client has been registered with their URL
  • Key search words embedded within the URL (or multiple URLs) itself
  • Proper use of HTML content tags (such as <h1> tags, <Img Alt> tags, video transcription <meta> tags, etc.
  • Unique and engaging content with well balanced placement of keywords according to search engine algorithms which judge whether not enough key words are used or spaced too far apart, enough key words are used properly judged by the search engine to be perfectly distributed, or too many key words judged by the search engine to be placed too close together and thus less credible by the algorithms and is assumed to be thrown into the content to fool the search engines
  • Freshly updated content
  • How often links to your site are posted on other sites, the more popular the sites posting links to your page the better the rankings.
  • How often links to your site (blogs, etc) are shared on social media sites
  • How many third party directory sites have your business listed as a legitimate business location
  • How high rankings are on relevant industry sites ranking, reviews, and comments sections
  • How well search engines crawler bots can move through your site’s structure with an understanding over the overall architecture and navigation
  • Whether or not your site is properly catalogued and registered with the search engines and their related map/ specialty search sites (ex Google Places)
  • How many hits a day your site is receiving, as well as how those hits are received, more points are awarded for organic hits (hits that where found usually when a search query pulls up those sites in the top ten tier of their profession – SERPS)
  • Not just how big your advertising budget is, but also the strategy with which you are using those marketing dollars for – there are many ways and types of strategies involved in online marketing
  • A proper and fully updated site map uploaded to each search engine
  • Frequent blog postings with varied, useful topics, guest writers, and links
  • Proper naming of all media files such as images, videos, and mp3 so that search bots can tell by name of file alone exactly how to catalogue the item
  • Proper meta tagging of all media files for those of us who use web tools which don’t allow graphics
  • Certain SEO Plugins such as Yoast can make a huge difference
  • Proper page headings on each page
  • These are actually just a small amount of the things which come under consideration for which pages are pulled up in the top ten organic search (SERPS)

    This is why its usually best to assemble a team or hire a consultant even for those who are ‘do it yourselfers’.

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