As my firm, Dustbunny Creative, may rise, or at times stumble. Its been interesting for me so see who I can really trust and who I can’t. Eye opening.

Enough of that said :

This is an open casting call. The goal at the end is going to so see how long does it take to get into the top 10 SEO. And we are going to blog about it. Blog about what steps we took when, what’s working, what is it. A quest. It will be  fun.

Unfortunately most of us are too busy working or taking on extra help as an intern. Of course I understand thats why this is open call.

I know that if a few of us worked at we could all really get in the google 10. If you can do it once, you can do it anywhere, Just think about that

So I’m looking of possible candidate for tutelage.

I’ve taught the whole adobe sweet for like 4 years. I’ve been in this business since before it was a business. I still remember when we coded in tables. I’m in a place where I stand the  chance of have  young company of the rise as long as i surround myself with the write people. I’m hoping thats what this little open call will with. I could’ve sworn some of my friends asked to learn how to do it,

Let me know if anyone wants to an apprentice ship let me, I love  e a too teach. Any of my friends out there want to learn. I can teach anyone. And we’re going to make top #10 in google searches. I’ll SEO-u later.

Nows your chance, lessons for in the programs and the biz.



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  • hey. i dropped by to leave you a cenommt. it was really great. those topics were really good. i hope i could use them practically for my own business and will add up to my business strategies. i’m fond of using facebook too and i’m jammed only specifically on my own homepage and profile. . those were the only things i’ve used to do when i’m using facebook. i never knew there was something that could help me in a very purposeful way. thank you for those tips.

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