September 25, 2015

What Makes a Real SEO company?


Dustbunny Creative

 has proven again and again that we know how to dominate a Google top ten screen.

Google is a language.

The only way to reach the top of Google is to know how to talk to it. It is the least understood job in the web industry,  but all its is knowing the language Google and having a firm grasp of  pattern behavior analysis of intent vs Google’s understanding of that intent.

If you hold the key to grasp knowledge, your business will thrive into abundance.

Web site and digital marketing have to work in perfect sync.

That last thing a business wants is a mixed message. Online presence must only match the brand, it should be the heart of it. The idea is to engage clients, so they feel in on something special. Be engaged. Care, Make it something useful visitors are interested in.

Remember hype? When everyone was talking about generating a local hype. That age is dead. Your online presence is your hype. I’ve seen shows in LA where no one was even in the crowd to watch them, yet they were known world wide, even famous in places.

This is 2015. Wake up to the new rules of business. Now it our turn at the economy.

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