SEO Is Like a Garden

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SEO Is Like a Garden

Sometimes it surprises me how little of SEO people in general know. To some it is like this mysterious dark art made by dark hooded pimple faced kids in their parents basement. An in some actuality it is really like that. There is a lot of working with the mysterious in SEO work. In  some ways you could even say the whole practice is an art of weighing the odds of the mysterious.

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My general opinion (all that you sure can’t tell right now) is why have a site if no one goes to it. If you’re not going to even have the will to work for what you want. Because you will. You will have to work for what you want. Users, clients, future friends alike, nothing happens in a passive world.

Sure it requires an ability to pour over vast amounts of information and make a gut decision which could, in fact, be exactly dead wrong. I suppose this is why I love it so much. That interaction between user, word, and action. This holy trinity is always in play in this work.

Sometimes you lose your biggest client because of politics and that hurts. But it also strengthens that ember, that drive, that inward sorcery to get out there and start lighting fires across every search engine from here to Tokyo.

That’s how I feel today. Forget about Google top 10, I want every aspect of google to light and dance with mysterious green hues and make the whole world glad I exist.

And as long as I’m working towards that goal, steadily, slowly, patiently, thoughtfully I must, as we all must remember, SEO is like a garden. You water it for one hour a day than suddenly you get to watch the plants grow all around you.

This is the best part. Watching the plants.



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