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We are a Small Business whose Business is your Small Business. You can be as involved as you want. Either there at each stage and milestone of the way or set it and forget it so you can focus on what really matters!

Dustbunny Creative | in 2023

We Create Dreams.


Literally! That's our motto. It's because we always want to remember that if this whole thing, branding your small business is done right, than that's exactly what we are involved in here.

That's what makes doing this work so exciting. Never before have we had the ability to rely on no one but ourselves. But it's hard. It's a lot of work. Whether you're a creator on YouTube, or starting your own car detailing business, if success drives you, anything can be accomplished these days.

Get yourself a website that shows up on Google or Bing, with its ChatGPI integration, do this right and that's exactly what we're involved in here; - what we can do in this age that's like no other is this one thing: with today's tools, in this age: 'we create dreams'.


is because it's why we run Dustbunny Creative in the first place. The idea is to empower yourself or your business using the modern tools of empowerment. There are so many ways to improve your business or get revenue up or even just get started. But it's a complicated thing to just jump right into or to get a brand levelled up. You need a reliable, patient, experienced firm who will work with you and take the time to make sure you don't feel like you've lost your project, you feel like you've gained a team.

Give us a chance, we'll get you there.

- Robert Hanley Tortora

Introducing Dustbunny Creative

Why we do it?

Dreams Make Life Valuable

Seeing others create their own dreams and being a part of that process is what makes life enjoyable. It also reminds us to never let go of dreams, hope, and the ability of the anything being achievable.  Back during the pandemic we re-assessed what was important in life and what are those things which we are proud to be doing.

Robert Hanley Tortora - Dustbunny Creative - Co-Founder / Creative Services Director

our business

is your business

Illustrated Logos,
Trendy in 2023!

We do all sorts of illustrations! Whether its for a logo, icons, or other brand assets, we have you covered. Absolutely NO stock art. Dustbunny Creative originally got it's start in 2006 doing Flash Animation in Hollywood.

!00% Original illustration work

Adobe Creative Suite Instructor for over 10 years!

Teaching is one of our absolute favorite activities. We run personal as well as corporate or employee-level Adobe Creative Suite classes. Want to learn how to color correct those product photos? Or edit your own vids for YouTube or for content? 

manipulate and manage media

1. Discover

We Research your Brand, including Competitor Research

2. Define

Define Brand Goals & how they can be turned into Metrics

3. Design

Generate & Evaluate Ideas, 

We always allow 3 free Redos

working process

How We Work

 Although each package has different breakdowns based on the type of work involved in the package, most of our work can be divided into these three main categories. After you sign up we we will schedule a meeting to discuss:

  • Your Business / Brand
  • Where You Want to Take Your Business
  • What Will be a Success from this Project

Projects always get 7 Mockups and 3 Free Re-Dos and generally take between 1-4 weeks following approved mockup sketches.

Work Resume for Dustbunny Creative

Hi, I'm Robert hanley tortora

Co-Founder / Creative Services director

There's a lot on the resume. Take a look if you'd like!