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Logo + Website Design is a non-profit based in Minneapolis. The idea behind the charity is based off the idea of kids donating toys to other kids who are less fortunate or who are in families who can't afford new toys for their child.


 Free Toys – Vertical Logo

This is the vertical version of the Free Toys logo. 

Free Toys – Horiztonal Logo

This is the horizontal version of the Free Toys logo.


Free Toys – Website

Website Screenshot Gallery

Screenshots of the Website
This is the above the fold screenshot

This Project was done at a Discounted Rate for charity purposes.


Robert Hanley Tortora, Co-Founder, Lead Designer, President of RedesignMe / a proud Gregg Housh team member [McGuffin Industries]

Robert Hanley Tortora, Co-Founder, Lead Designer, President of RedesignMe  [McGuffin Industries]

robert tortora personal logo

my personal “The Designer” signature-logo – First discovered in 1987 – my very first design

Dustbunny Creative – design blog  – RedesignMe

My name is Robert Tortora,

but I don’t feel like I design as Robert.

dustbunny777 ] is my design moniker, i use a moniker for branding purposes. setting up a brand for myself as a design-entity and a designer-with-a-voice by going with anything other than unremember-able


as my mid-to-late 20’s lurched into my 30’s being an artist of the nomadic sort I embraced the new way living which was being called living as an Ultra-Modern-AMERICAN-Digital Nomad-

” Dustbunny Creative 


was the name of my ‘shop’ for all those years, humbly offering  creative digital services, and good prices.

NOW –  in honor of my old business,

dusty,  wild  western    Dustbunny Creative

you are now the Official Blog of


my blog.  please subscribe.

welcome back anyone returning,

(this blog had once had a fair amount or readership. )





Google Work for Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration is the my favorite aspect of this industry. My favorite nature of the industry. Now, for the first time i have the opportunity to use the environment of Google Work for Team-Driven Project Collaboration Its the best, that working together inspired feeling is more beloved by me than any other feeling i can think of right now, not that I’m trying at all, i don’t really want to think about anything besides optimizing my usefulness towards teamwork.. I had expected us to use some basecamp sort of arrangement, but was pleasantly surprised to see My Gene Solutions conducts everything in the Google Work environment.

So over the past few days Ive gotten the hang of Google project environment, newsflash, theres not much to it. I have decided already that Google Work is a fairly great project management platform, especially because Google worms its way into somehow integrating itself into everything, so thats nice as long as you are too bust to stop and think about it too long. Not really sure what advantages there would be to go with anything except Google Work. As i build social media and download and launch other digital marketing related apps i am so grateful to see how Google just makes all programs with their separate environment now all feel linked in a way far superior to other project environments I’ve worked with or studied.

My (new, yes i am into ‘vintage’ phones) iPhone 5 was gifted by my ma & surprised me when she told me how she had sprung the extra bucks for bonus memory, which is nice. Now that i have this insanely powerful new (iPhone 5) i want to weird Google Work on full power! Power up the light saber! i have the thing loaded to the teeth! – Yes, I’ve downloaded and set up all apps relating to Google Work. My ability to now be fully integrated into project environment while i am away from my computer feels very powerful. Was it too much? I did turn my phone off because Google Hangouts wouldn’t cease its endless chirping (NOTE: you can uncheck notifications in the app and in Gmail) keeps me always integrated and never out of reach. My phone has become my note pad, I much prefer taking notes on it, outside on a walk or pacing around or having a smoke. Also my notes recorded onto Google Docs/ Sheets is easily sharable/ editable with a member of the team or the entire team.

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