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Robert Hanley Tortora, Co-Founder, Lead Designer, President of RedesignMe / a proud Gregg Housh team member [McGuffin Industries]

Robert Hanley Tortora, Co-Founder, Lead Designer, President of RedesignMe  [McGuffin Industries]

robert tortora personal logo

my personal “The Designer” signature-logo – First discovered in 1987 – my very first design

Dustbunny Creative – design blog  – RedesignMe

My name is Robert Tortora,

but I don’t feel like I design as Robert.

dustbunny777 ] is my design moniker, i use a moniker for branding purposes. setting up a brand for myself as a design-entity and a designer-with-a-voice by going with anything other than unremember-able


as my mid-to-late 20’s lurched into my 30’s being an artist of the nomadic sort I embraced the new way living which was being called living as an Ultra-Modern-AMERICAN-Digital Nomad-

” Dustbunny Creative 


was the name of my ‘shop’ for all those years, humbly offering  creative digital services, and good prices.

NOW –  in honor of my old business,

dusty,  wild  western    Dustbunny Creative

you are now the Official Blog of


my blog.  please subscribe.

welcome back anyone returning,

(this blog had once had a fair amount or readership. )




SO WHY NOT A WIX-TYPE SITE? (..or any other ‘free’ web building sites)     Why not use Wix? A free website!? Billed as simple, sounds great right!? Free series such as WiX are able to offer what on the surface looks great, and for very simple purposes it can be. But what they don’t tell you is that for… Read more →

Divi Theme Screen Shot


Over my fifteen years of web design I have decided that the best WordPress theme is Divi. This was shown to me by Kent Schmidt at who has recently partnered his own business with Dustbunny. Here is why Divi is great It has a wonderfully simple builder The time it has taken for me build sites is 1/4 what I used to… Read more →

Dust Bunny Creative

What Makes a Real SEO company?

What Makes a Real SEO company? Results! Dustbunny Creative  has proven again and again that we know how to dominate a Google top ten screen. Google is a language. The only way to reach the top of Google is to know how to talk to it. It is the least understood job in the web industry,  but all its is knowing… Read more →


Google Top Ten With A Long Tail Search

Hello guys, so we made our long tail search into the Google Top 10 already.   Now that we can be sure we can hit up onto Google with a long tail search we are in good shape. For all those who don’t know what a long tail search is let me explain. A long tail search is a search… Read more →

dustbunnycreative rabbit card 2

SEO Is Like a Garden

SEO Is Like a Garden Sometimes it surprises me how little of SEO people in general know. To some it is like this mysterious dark art made by dark hooded pimple faced kids in their parents basement. An in some actuality it is really like that. There is a lot of working with the mysterious in SEO work. In  some… Read more →

I’ll SEO you later. open casting call for an intern

As my firm, Dustbunny Creative, may rise, or at times stumble. Its been interesting for me so see who I can really trust and who I can’t. Eye opening. Enough of that said : This is an open casting call. The goal at the end is going to so see how long does it take to get into the top… Read more →

Why I decided to start my own business

I was on the 101 in Los Angeles, coincidentally, driving the Ave Of Cake crew back from the airport to the production office in Silver Lake. Some how I managed to get a dangerous driving ticket going 5 miles an hour. It was one of those days. Do you have those too? Oh god, I hope I’m not the only;… Read more →

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