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Google Top Ten With A Long Tail Search

Hello guys, so we made our long tail search into the Google Top 10 already.   Now that we can be sure we can hit up onto Google with a long tail search we are in good shape. For all those who don’t know what a long tail search is let me explain. A long tail search is a search… Read more →

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SEO Is Like a Garden

SEO Is Like a Garden Sometimes it surprises me how little of SEO people in general know. To some it is like this mysterious dark art made by dark hooded pimple faced kids in their parents basement. An in some actuality it is really like that. There is a lot of working with the mysterious in SEO work. In  some… Read more →

BLOGS FOR THE YOUNG HEADS, MONEY HEADS, & SWAG BAGGERS [by ROBERT HANLEY TORTORA, and DUSTBUNNY CREATIVE] [DISCLAIMER:]    GODADDY is an affiliate partner off DUSTBUNNY CREATIVE —   Dustbunny Creative loves GODADDY ?  Anyone remember that Google Msg/ Tweet combination about how GoDaddy was just a bunch of pirates and the whole damn company a rotting corruption factory taking advantage of… Read more →

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