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Eventually this will be brought into animation software and used on the clients site to show how the clients business can help many different sorts of people in many different sorts of buildings. The building of the village using ripped up pieces of paper reflects a style of art I have been into creating recently. Since all things are but from the Wasteland of what was, nothing is new, only scraps are fitting to build the houses of our villages.

Here are some individual pieces


another one

dustbunny-building-1 office building 2
dustbunny-office-1 dustbunny-sun-prezi-element

Divi Theme Screen Shot


Over my fifteen years of web design I have decided that the best WordPress theme is Divi. This was shown to me by Kent Schmidt at debilzangallery.com who has recently partnered his own business with Dustbunny. Here is why Divi is great It has a wonderfully simple builder The time it has taken for me build sites is 1/4 what I used to… Read more →

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