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SO WHY NOT A WIX-TYPE SITE? (..or any other ‘free’ web building sites)     Why not use Wix? A free website!? Billed as simple, sounds great right!? Free series such as WiX are able to offer what on the surface looks great, and for very simple purposes it can be. But what they don’t tell you is that for… Read more →

Why I decided to start my own business

I was on the 101 in Los Angeles, coincidentally, driving the Ave Of Cake crew back from the airport to the production office in Silver Lake. Some how I managed to get a dangerous driving ticket going 5 miles an hour. It was one of those days. Do you have those too? Oh god, I hope I’m not the only;… Read more →

How To Make ‘Separate Site’ Work Easy

https://wordpress.org/plugins/wptouch/ What if you have a client who wants a separate Desktop Site and a separate Mobile Site? Well then; it’s for you to discover the amazing plugin wptouch pro. wptouch is THE perfect plugin for a ‘separate sites’ design. The actual set up took me abut 5 hrs; and works great. Pretty much a life saver.  Saved my client a bunch of… Read more →

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